Sunday, April 16, 2006

Spring in Jordan

It certainly is Spring in Jordan. Yesterday when I was coming home from playing tennis, the thermometer in my car read 32 degrees C (90F) and today it is 17C (62F) a 15 degree drop! The whole month has been like this, some very warm days followed by much cooler weather.

At the beginning of April, after being completely dry in March, we had some good rains and today we are supposed to have some more but so far there are only lots of clouds with a few tantalizing drops. Living in a country where normally there is no rain from April till November, we would all love to see more as this could very well be the last one until the fall.

What can I say about Jordan's glorious springs? The country is transformed into a mini Switzerland with multitudes of wild flowers and green grass everywhere. It is the time that I love to fill up my car with friends and explore the countryside to soak up the color and the cool. All too soon it comes to an end and the green turns to brown followed by hot sunny days. So you can't blame us for wanting to feast upon the green of spring as it lasts such a short time.

I haven't taken any pictures this spring but I have a few from last year that I will try to put on this site...if I can figure out how. The wild black Iris is Jordan's national flower and I found lots of them near one of our archeological sites, Um Al-Rassas and the red Anemone is the most widely found wild flower scattered around the countryside. Hope I succeed in getting the two pictures to appear!

Just looked out the window...still no rain...inshallah (God Willing) it is yet to come!


Anonymous karenskid said...

The pictures are beautiful. Jordan has many hidden secret treasures. You 6 ladies are the best of them.

Monday, April 17, 2006  

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