Sunday, February 10, 2008

a future without much water

I see that King Abdullah has directed a Royal Water Committee to be set up. It is something that is urgently needed with the large amount of hotels, offices and residential buildings being built. Our water system must be straining at the seams and it is difficult to imagine how the country will manage without severe restrictions and innovative ideas put in place. Recently I was in Melbourne and was amazed at the problems they are having and how they are are coping and the restrictions put on the citizens - their web site is very informative T

Here are a few examples of the restrictions -

Watering Days*
Even numbered properties can water on Saturday and Tuesday.
Odd numbered properties can water on Sunday and Wednesday.
Watering is not permitted on Monday, Thursday and Friday.
Where there is no number, the property is considered an even numbered address.
Watering Times
Manual dripper systems, a hand-held hose fitted with a trigger nozzle, watering cans and
buckets can be used to water gardens as required on specified watering days between
6am – 8am. Households with at least one resident aged 70 years or over may water their
gardens manually on specified watering days between 6am – 8am or 8am – 10am.
Automatic dripper systems can be used to water gardens as required on specified
watering days between midnight – 2am.
An efficient car wash that uses 70 litres of water or less per vehicle can be used.
A bucket filled from a tap can be used to clean windows, mirrors and lights; and spotremove
corrosive substances.
Generally, 1 on 4 sportsgrounds as nominated by council and be watered. Exempt playing
surface may be watered: turf cricket wickets, golf tees and greens (not fairways), tennis
courts, bowling greens, hockey pitches, running tracks, croquet greens.
These will be permanent watering saving rules to come into affect after 1 April 2007.
It will be mandatory for the top 1500 industrial, commercial and institutional water
users to develop and implement water saving plans.
Greywater, rainwater and recycled water can be used at anytime. For guidelines on safe
use, visit Restrictions do not apply to rainwater collected in a
storage tank, provided it is not supplemented with drinking water supply.
A new pool or spa of any size capacity cannot be filled with drinking water.
However, a new or existing swimming pool or spa may be filled with an alternative
water source such as groundwater.
An existing pool or spa of less than 2,000 litres may be filled by means of a watering
can or bucket filled directly from a tap.
An existing pool or spa of greater than 2,000 litres must not be filled except in
accordance with a water conservation plan (contact your local water business for more
An existing pool or spa must not be topped up except by means of a watering can or
bucket, filled directly from a tap (not by means of a hose).
Stage 3a water restrictions must be followed and water patrols are out in force across Melbourne. If you are issued with a warning notice and still
breach the restrictions, you may have your water supply restricted and face fines.


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