Sunday, March 23, 2008

How much does a road cost?

It is many years since I last visited Qasr el Tuba, so when we set out on Saturday I told everyone that when we get down to Qatraneh and turn left into the desert it will just be trails. Imagine our surprise when we found this perfect 17 kilometre stretch of road which must be one of the best ones in Jordan (apart from the road to the Panorama Complex at the Dead Sea). The road through this bleak and desolate landscape ended with an olive farm of about 20 dunums and a huge site for toxic waste disposal. From there to the Jafr - Azraq road it was still well paved but not quite the same standard.

We did not meet another vehicle on this road (it was Friday I suppose!!) but I just wonder how much it costs per kilometre to lay a two lane highway with shoulders across the bare desert? And do I want to eat olives from trees that are grown next to a toxic waste dump?

Qasr el Tuba was just wonderful to visit and my fellow blogger will delight you all with some wonderful photos from the trip. T


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