Thursday, January 15, 2009

Gaza, Vomiting Violence

When is enough enough? Who finally decides that there are a sufficient number of dead bodies? When does this vomiting of violence end? How much more horror will one have to witness before it’s over?

Who will have the bad luck of being the last child killed? Which father will be the last slain, leaving behind a devastated and dependent family? Which mother will be the last to die trying to protect her family? Which student will be mourned by his/her classmates and remembered for the potential that he/she promised? Who will never see their grandmother, or grandfather because she/he was the last victim of this obscenity? Who gets the “honor” of being the last one killed? And when is it going to happen?

If I could make it all end, that question would already be answered.


Anonymous Tammam said...

the only reason palestinains are dying is because Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Jordan want to punish them for choosing Hamas which they perceive as a dangerous expression of Arab poeple's desire to reject corruption and servitude to the US and Israel. They wanted to destroy Hizbouallah too but the Shittes have Iran behind them. Palestinians have Arab regimes behind them stabbing them. Yes, I have become a Shiite on the third day of the Israeli-Sunni massacre of Palestinians.

Friday, January 16, 2009  

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