Wednesday, January 07, 2009

A Poem by Michael

Michael ... thank you for your words expressed in prose .... a plea from the heart for Gaza: J

Ann Frank Alive In Gaza

Genocide in the Gaza Ghetto

By michael

January 06, 2009

Their is a Warsaw Ghetto Uprising going on right now
This is a Rotterdam terrorized from shock and awe to induce fear and obedience
This is Pearl Harbor, Alamo, Wounded Knee, and the Amritsar Massacre all rolled up into one
This is Leningrad and i pray that it will morph into a Stalingrad, but not a Nangking when the storm troopers storm in

Yet this is not a battle or war between two armies
No, this is a holocaust perpetrated to destroy a democracy and cleanse a land ethnically
This is a professor getting terminated for speaking up for his people
An assassination executed while he was at home by a US supplied missile that killed his 11 kids, wounded 30 neighbors and murdered his 4 wives
This is 3 children playing outside, slaughtered by an F-16 fighter-jet with one of the boys decapitated
This is a Gazan mother and her 3 children having breakfast butchered by an Israeli tank shell and then when Shelly Rubin (CEO) of the Jewish Defense League was informed she e-mailed me: "Thanks for the happy news."
This is 7+days of this catastrophic carnage with 3000 dead and wounded human beings

For this is Gaza, ghetto to 1.5 million refugees
Inside the biggest prison the world has ever seen
And their jailer is their enemy
An adversary who sees them not as victims but vermin to be eradicated
And with US built weaponry, they are executing defenseless people quite efficiently

For those who've once suffered holocaust while the world was silent, now practice what was done to them
For those who were once the victims are now the victimizers
And they've learned their schooling well
And on the sideline once again, are those who are watching but quiet, once again; the world

Within this decades old prison, punishment meted out by their turnkeys
Who with a Jewish faucet manipulate what goes in and what goes out
Medicine, food, electricity, water and even sewage are used as a controlling device and collective punishment
And when some of the prisoners fire off some fireworks in retaliation for their predicament
Or, after another Israeli incursion and assassination that killed the quarry and a number of innocent bystanders
All hell then breaks loose

Two days after Christmas, a Hebrew anaconda death squeeze has now escalated into a blitzkrieg
Surrounded by three sides, with their backs to the sea and the air controlled by helicopter gunships, anana's and state of the art fighter jets
It's a turkey shoot and the Gazan's are sitting ducks
For on three sides is the world's fourth strongest army waiting for the green light,itching for butchery

And inside this tiny enclave i have heard that Ann Frank is alive and well
Ann is hiding from the bombs and the door-to-door search looking for her and her kind
As they blast holes in the walls from house to house
They shoot at anything that moves or anyone with a rock in their hand

This crime against humanity unfolding before our eyes is a civilian catastrophe lauded in the western press as a justified deed
But the truth is, it's a holocaust done by those who had it done to them 65 years ago
Ignored, swept under the rug, and gift-wrapped by sophisticated propaganda
History repeats again and again in it's indifference, silence once more
The silence is deafening and it needs to be broken
And the historical irony, God the irony of it all
To do to others what was once done to them and the world just as quiet as before

The world needs to make amends and atone for the wrong of the first holocaust
to sever the cycle of wanton genocide and break the betrayal of silence
This is our historical second chance
We need to crack this deafening silence with a worldwide outcry
To stop the bloodbath and this must be done today


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