Friday, May 29, 2009

Red Bull has its wings clipped!

This just made my day, finally someone somewhere is saying the simple truth 'mixing Red Bull with alcohol is dangerous'!   It doesn't just lead to addiction, but can seriously damage your health with toxic overload.  Another issue is the effect it has on young school children when they consume Red Bull as a 'soft' drink .... and spend the next few days unable to sleep or concentrate.  And parents are none the wiser!  Red Bull as a soft drink should be treated like any other adult drink such as 'alcohol' and not sold to minors.  It's about time the company that makes this toxic brew  shows some real corporate social responsibility and stops targeting young people in its advertising campaigns.  



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Like J I am not a fan of Red Bull but we should point out that the one written about in the newspapers recently was "Red Bull Cola" with its minute dose of cocaine...while the one sold longer and more openly locally is Red Bull Energy Drink. Still, I remember when that drink first was marketed in Jordan, a couple of pretty 20-something women showed up at my daughter's elementary school with backpack coolers full of cans of this drink. The school then allowed them to pass out free cans of the drink to any child on the playground. I was appalled and shocked to learn from my 4th grader that she had been given a high-caffeine, high-sugar drink without any thought to her health or wellbeing and without parental permission. Would a school serve coffee to 9-year olds? I still hear comments from high school kids in Amman -- "We need Pepsi (Coke, Red Bull, coffee, etc) to keep us awake in class." Schools should be teaching kids good nutrition and eating habits from an early age and not serving or selling stuff that stunts their growth, adds empty calories and leads them to think they need "a fix" to perform their daily tasks. Um D

Friday, June 05, 2009  

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