Wednesday, April 19, 2006


While my family in England are facing a hose pipe ban because of lack of water in a country where it seems to rain so much, we here in Jordan seem to be coming up with schemes to use more water!
It has been announced that hotels will get a continuous supply of water throughout the summer while we, mere citizens, have to do with once a week and in the summer that trickles in and does not get to the tank on the roof. I wish the water company would make conditions on the hotels that if they get water every day they should have to have water saving procedures in place. And all their bathrooms should have a notice explaining that Jordan is water scarce and guests should take care.
Now why have we suddenly gone mad with grass everywhere??? It takes a great deal of water and looking after and a fortune is being spent on small areas. Also what about the fountains which are built everywhere and only work for a short while and look filthy within months. How much water do they use?
I remember in 1969, living in what is now nearly the middle of the city but was then out in the country, not having mains water for six weeks and how everyone felt that there would never be enough water to sustain us in the coming years. And now the population exceeds 5 million plus tourists, refugees and huge building projects - where is it all coming from and how long will it last?????? T Posted by Picasa


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