Friday, February 16, 2007

Official Holidays in Jordan

How about this for some forward planning, as reported in the Jordan Times, Friday-Saturday, February 16-17, 2007:

Official holidays identified

AMMAN (Petra) — Prime Minister Marouf Bakhit this week identified official holidays (religious and national) during which public institutions and ministries will remain closed, as well as events which will be observed without a holiday.
The Hijra New Year, Prophet Mohammad’s birthday, Eid Al Fitr, Eid Al Adha, Christmas, New Year, Independence Day and Labour Day will be considered official holidays for public institutions and ministries.
The Prime Ministry also decided that the Labour Day holiday, observed on May 1, will be combined with the preceding or following day if it coincides with a weekend.
Other holidays, whether religious or national, will be observed on their prescribed day.
Israa Wal Miraj, Army Day, the Great Arab Revolt anniversary, His Majesty King Abdullah’s birthday and his Ascension to the Throne and His Majesty the late King Hussein’s birthday will be observed without a holiday.
Last month, the King asked the government to set a clear calendar, pointing out public holidays and daylight saving time for the coming five years to “help public and private institutions set well-defined and long-term plans.”

Official holidays –2007 to 2011
January 1, Monday: New Year
January 1 to 4, Monday to Thursday: Eid Al Adha
January 20, Saturday (Muharram 1): Hijra New Year
March 31, Saturday (Rabee’ Awal 12): Prophet Mohammad’s Birthday
May 1, Tuesday: Labour Day (Note: The holiday will be taken on Sunday. April 29)
May 25, Friday: Independence Day
October 13 to 16, Saturday to Tuesday: Eid Al Fitr
December 20 to 24, Thursday to Monday: Eid Al Adha
December 25, Tuesday: Christmas

January 1, Tuesday: New Year
January 9, Wednesday: Hijra New Year
March 19, Wednesday (Rabee’ Awal 12): Prophet Mohammad’s Birthday
May 1, Thursday: Labour Day
May 25 Sunday: Independence Day
September 30 to October 3, Tuesday to Friday: Eid Al Fitr
December 8 to 12, Monday to Friday inclusive: Eid Al Adha
December 25, Thursday: Christmas
December 28, Sunday: Hijra New Year

January 1, Thursday: New Year
March 8, Sunday (Rabee’ Awal 12): Prophet Mohammad’s Birthday
May 1, Friday: Labour Day
May 25 Monday: Independence Day
September 20 to September 23, Sunday to Wednesday: Eid Al Fitr
November 27 to December 1, Friday to Tuesday: Eid Al Adha
December 17, Thursday: Hijra New Year
December 25, Friday: Christmas

January 1, Friday: New Year
February 25, Thursday (Rabee’ Awal 12): Prophet Mohammad’s Birthday
May 1, Saturday: Labour Day
May 25 Tuesday: Independence Day
September 9 to 12, Thursday to Sunday: Eid Al Fitr
November 16 to 20, Tuesday to Saturday: Eid Al Adha
December 7, Tuesday: Hijra New Year
December 25, Saturday: Christmas

January 1, Saturday: New Year
February 15, Tuesday (Rabee’ Awal 12): Prophet Mohammad’s Birthday
May 1, Sunday: Labour Day
May 25 Wednesday: Independence Day
August 30 to September 2, Tuesday to Friday: Eid Al Fitr
November 5 to 9, Saturday to Wednesday: Eid Al Adha
December 25, Sunday: Christmas
December 27, Tuesday: Hijra New Year
Fixed dates for daylight saving time in Summer and Winter:
Clocks will move forward by 60 minutes (GMT + 3) at midnight on the last Thursday in March.
Clocks will be set back by 60 minutes (GMT + 2) as of 1:00am on the last Friday in October.


Anonymous Hareega said...

Oh God!! They haven't considered the opening ceremony for the 2010 World Cup!

Friday, February 16, 2007  
Blogger Alice Marzouka said...

You forgot to mention Easter's holyday...

Sunday, February 18, 2007  
Blogger joladies said...

to Alice - I can only assume that as Jordan is an Islamic state, it does not 'officially' celebrate all christian holidays, with the exception of Christmas - but individual christians can and do celebrate easter ... with time off from work, while government departments remain open. In any case what was posted is the official position of the government for the next five years ... quite impressive I thought! J

Sunday, February 18, 2007  

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