Sunday, April 15, 2007

Black Beauty

If you want to see the Black Iris, Jordan’s national flower, this is the time of year to look for it. Soon the season will be over and the flower won’t appear again until next year. The most likely place to spot these flowers is in the area between Madaba and Kerak. The black color is striking and you can see the flowers from quite a distance. They are often growing in clusters. A closer look reveals a velvety flower with a glossy luster and at its base three petals curving downward. The leaves have a slight curl.

North of Amman one can find the Gilead Iris, which is also black, but don't confuse it with the Black Iris. It is a larger plant, the flowers lined with more veins and the leaves straight and sword shaped. South of Tafileh you might find the Petra Iris, which looks similar to the Black Iris but has a slightly different color and a shorter stem.

Unfortunately, many people are digging up these endangered species and trying to plant them in their gardens. In fact on Saturday I was near Madaba and was told that some minister along with his crew were digging up the black iris plants and putting them in boxes to take to his house-garden. Usually they do not do well under such circumstances due to the different environment and change in soil conditions. So if you find them please leave them where they are for all to enjoy!


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