Friday, April 06, 2007

Moab musings 4/07

The sun shines through my office window today;
my blackbird has returned.
Flying from one tree to another, singing its little heart out,
it is indeed a sign of spring, a new beginning;
but alas, lurking on the neighbour's fir tree is that raven ...
as distant clouds assemble, I wonder
for how much longer will my blackbird sing?

It's funny how nature replicates life;
a powerful metaphor
for the state of our world.

And if that is not enough,
something extraordinary is about to happen on
April 15;
Parliament is to endorse several bills,
with one on nuclear energy no less ...
no mention of solar energy though ....

.... and as the raven flies over its domain,
so too do the clouds begin to shut out
the rays of the sun
fragmenting through my window.

Happy Easter .... J


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