Sunday, June 03, 2007

renewing my driving licence!

I hate going up to the driver and vehicle licensing department in Marka but gritted my teeth this morning and made my way up there. Impossible to park in the car park especially with the way people just park in such a haphazard fashion - the blood pressure goes up before even starting! With a bit of wasta and being the widow of a shaheed I managed to get in the main entrance and park. A very nice lieutenant colonel then lent me a sergeant to take me through all the procedures.

When renewing your licence you should appear in person for a sight test by the doctor. Now I wonder how many members of the Royal Family, the Government, senior officers etc etc etc actually go up there? None, is my reckoning. It does seem a bit ridiculous doing the sight test as I reckon most Jordanian drivers can see but do they look is a different story.

I am supposing there is a rationale for the whole scenario but it really is a nightmare and the only consolation is that everyone is so nice and helpful. T


Blogger Dave said...

Do they look...that is definitely the question.

Sunday, June 03, 2007  

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