Monday, March 24, 2008

Tuba and the Three Sisters

Nothing quite like escaping to the desert
to the eastern end of the land;
away from the maddening crowd
of senseless politics and
men and malevolence.

Away to the east, southward bound
on a journey of fastened pace
we found the ruins of Tuba;
forty five minutes from the
toxic waste place.

We ambled among the ruins of the
Ummayad's remarkable quest;
that left us the gift of a castle
and a past of unequaled grace.

From there we descended deeper
to a place of singular beauty;
for the hills of the Three Sisters beckoned
with alluring promise
of a shark tooth fossil find
and a walk along the wild side
of an ancient sea land.

And as we sat in awe
at nature's creativity,
from traces of a lava flow to
a flower in glorious bloom;
I rested my soul in silence
all consuming,



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