Monday, June 23, 2008

protecting our ancient sites from vandals

Should we have concerts and other events at our antiquity sites? It was a great experience to sit in the theatre downtown the other evening but have we counted the cost of tons of equipment brought into sites that need protection?

Petra, Jerash, the Amman citadel and theatre are used with Petra the most vulnerable as the others are built of stone.

It seems that even if a ban is put in place someone finds a way round it. Petra should be a complete no no to anything that means bringing in trucks and equipment into the site. When will those in charge be strong enough to say NO to the highest and the lowest? We should be thinking of our heritage and not in short term publicity.

I think that those who try to bribe, cajole, force, use their wasta and give permission to get concerts into Petra are doing the country a disservice and they should be treated as vandals destroying our heritage. T


Blogger LNA said...

We “me and family” made a trip to Petra in Jordan in April 2007. it was a piece of art and  fabulous.

We flew from Berlin to Amman- Jordan. We traveled at modern buses with a guide/driver.

Our route was Amman, Jerash, Ajloun , Petra , Dead Sea.

On the way we experienced architectural, archaeological, historical and cultural places: noble mosques, interesting museums, ancient castle, unique ruins, stone paths, the lowest point on earth with mineral salty water at Dead sea. Also we went to see how nomads live in their tents.


Before our trip we got a lot of warnings and surprising comments on Jordanians' hostility toward Westerners. Anyhow in every city, town and village we felt ourselves very welcome and every person was polite and hospitable to us.

Our guide was the best possible guide. His knowledge of Jordan, the past and the present is enormous and his driving style is convincing, A trip with him was like a trip with a friend not with a formal guide.

From my experience, is one of the best tours at Jordan where all you may need and ask on one place.  
Hans Herrman

Sunday, June 29, 2008  
Blogger joladies said...

thank you for that lovely comment on Petra and the other sites. Jordan is such a friendly country and I am always surprised that people are surprised at that! I suppose the Middle East has such a bad name for violence that that is what people expect.

I hope you will come back again! T

Monday, June 30, 2008  

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