Thursday, January 29, 2009

Moab Musings

Hubby laughed as we were clearing away the breakfast things … “this bread we just made is really like cake … add a little molasses and it may be gone by the end of the day”. Our meals have taken a decidedly vegetarian turn these days and we are enjoying the fruits of our labours, tinged with a weird sense of guilt. For I know how many people are starving in Gaza, in Africa, and Afghanistan too. It is truly overwhelming. I was not in a humourous mood even though I was married to a clown. “Well live with me then, you know I laugh at everything, it’s the situation silly and it’s a million years old!”
"Precisely!" says me .... "just when is man going to heed the lessons of the past?"

He picked up the newspaper … (silence) … as a pained, grim smile slowly appeared on his face that spoke volumes of sadness.

At times like these, laughter is simply therapy that counters the effects of depression, always simmering under the surface at the sad, mad, bad situation we are forced to live day in and day out. Laughter shields us from the horrors of war and the plight of the Palestinian people, the temptations of political activism, the inadequacies of our political system, and the outrageous silence of the rest of the World. We live with eyes and ears wide open, and its painful. God only knows what I might do if hubby were not around.

“You know Israel still maintains its blockade on Gaza …. what would you do?” asks me.

Hubby slowly lowered the paper and with that look that I wished could move mountains and a few nations besides, said:

“Reactivate the defence pact between Arab States; terminate all contacts with Israel; And declare a state of war … without actually fighting. Let Saudi Arabia, that keeper of the faith and wealth, and the three hundred million Arabs actually get out from under its veils of hypocrisy and say and do something useful!”

And the sounds of laughter with a hint of cynicism, echoed throughout the house ….
It did wonders for my mood!



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