Saturday, January 17, 2009

What Happened to 'Never Again'?

After the Holocaust it was thought there would never be another genocide. In fact the Genocide Convention adopted by the UN in 1948 was meant as a pledge to ensure the horrors of the Holocaust would never happen again. But since then we have had Bosnia, Cambodia, Rwanda, Burundi and now Gaza. Probably before this war there were many people who didn't even knew where Gaza was. But what is more perplexing is why the politicians also pretended not to know about Gaza. After all, Gaza is not somewhere deep in the heart of Africa but shares its border with some very modern and so called democratic states. They all have state of the art equipment and know exactly what is going on in Gaza.

It had been under a terrible siege for months prior to the war and before it even began the Red Cross and many other humanitarian agencies were screaming to the world that Gaza was in a crisis. The people didn’t have enough food, medicines and all the other basics with which to lead a normal life. But all these world leaders chose to turn a deaf ear and a blind eye to these facts.

Today the people of Gaza are being bombarded from the land, air and sea and there is no place for them to go. They are frightened, separated from their families, hungry, sick, cold and homeless. Gaza has become their Auschwitz.

And the fact that the leaders of this world have let this happen has made a cruel joke of words like ‘modernization’, ‘rule of law’ and ‘democracy’...........z


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