Wednesday, April 08, 2009

The lighter side of life ...

Fed up with politics et al ... started this a while ago and finished it this morning! I must be feeling better! So here's to all those little bits of nonsensical ramblings to start the day off ...

Ode to Age

For Hubby by J

When you hit a certain age
And your biological clock
considers it a totally new page,
your mind is off, ad hoc
and your body goes into a rage!

While you think that all that changes
Is that you become a little wiser,
A sage …it makes no difference because
Your body flies into yet another rage!

And while it thinks you have gained too many years in age
As your trousers lose their way to your waist
And pause at your knees
wondering how to get up to your …
‘teeze’ …

It’s the mind that’s raging wild and nutty
Ad hoc flutterings and wild imaginings
Waiting and wondering
Bemused …

“But how could this happen to me?”

So next time you pause at the bathroom door,
The mirror of perfidy posed to pounce,
Smile and remember
The simple rule of the game
That life
needs a little madness
to be free!


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