Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Moab Musings on a Wednesday

North Jordanian sunset - photo by J

“Did you know that frequent air travel increases your risk of a brain seizure?”
says hubby as I began packing for our trip to Morocco! “I didn’t make it up, just read it in the local Arabic press”!

“No more excuses” says me … “the world is not going to stop because you take a week off!”

“What a pity” sighs hubby as he wades through the newspapers thinking out loud “I wish it would”, as he reads:

“Half a woman found in suitcase in Morocco ….

Hmmm … that got me thinking! It also got me thinking that people will never change …. violent as ever, whether just plain physical or politically motivated ….

“Knives scar the lives of 72 people every day in UK” .. Sunday Telegraph, 5.7.09

Demolition orders reach Convent homes inside the Old City

Ethnic cleansing as a state policy of Israel’ doh! Could have told you that!

And meanwhile in Amman, our greatest concern seems to centre around the issue of water availability and the disorganisation of numerous festivals here and there. We did not receive our weekly water rations this week, and our well is empty! Is it any wonder that the average citizen gets mad when they see their cities in a permanent state of flux with towers and 5 star hotels sprouting like mushrooms, those notoriously wasteful institutes of tourism that abuse our precious resources for a few bucks in the bank! The same corporations that pay lip-service to ‘eco-friendly’ water saving policies but forget to train their own housekeeping staff on the virtues of leaving towels on the rack for another day! I have yet to find one hotel regardless of star status, that leaves my towel on the rack ....

Basically, it’s kid’s stuff …. and if the kids are aware of it … when are the adults going to catch on?

On that note I wish you all a pleasant summer vacation, wherever you find it! .... J


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