Tuesday, October 13, 2009

At last, a proper sentencing for dis'honour' killing

Judges in Jordan have finally got serious about sentencing offenders in so called 'honour' crimes. It was good to read in the Jordan Times and on the BBC web site that the brother who murdered his 18 year old sister was found guilty of murder. He claimed reasons of 'honour' for what he did but the judges did not agree and sentenced him to 15 years with hard labour.

I think it should have been headlines on the front page instead of at the bottom of page 2 in the Jordan Times. But never mind, it is the verdict and sentence that counts. Also the pleas of his family to drop the charges was denied. This is another first. I hope that the appeal court endorses the sentence.

Let us hope that this will send a powerful message. T


Blogger Wissam said...

Finally, one these cavemen gets what he deserves.
I wish there was some sort of punishment for the parents of "honour" victims who try to avoid punishment by dropping the charges.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009  

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