Monday, October 05, 2009


Following on from the previous post, I would like to draw your attention to this new and important site:

The stated mission is: "Removing “Honor” from Crimes of Honor: A project to change the Mindset of Jordanians"

It is a partnership between the Information and Research Center of the King Hussein Foundation under the directorship of Nermeen Murad, the Mafraq Center for Development, Economic Research and Analysis (MACDERA) / Dr. Yusuf Mansur, and the Jordan Centre for Social Research (JCSE) / Dr. Moussa Shteiwi, along with individuals and institutions supporting this nationally driven effort.

It is refreshing to see society take responsibility for social ills that affect us all. As they state:

"We have a collective responsibility. We are all here to share in this responsibility
Women are victims
Men are also the victims of this same environment
This is an issue that is Jordanian, an internal issue
We should study it based on our thorough understanding of society and not shy away from confronting our problems."

Hope lives!



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