Friday, September 11, 2009

Poem "If I could fly like my friend him"

If I could fly like my friend, him and survey man’s dominion

I would feel a oneness, a harmony and empathy with life and mother nature;

Away from man’s demonic reasoning and death deemed just and dehumanizing.

And I could tell my friend him I see the light, and feel the breeze of freedom in thought

And fancy; of trainers with suits and odd socks and caps and tongue of many languages.

And as we scale the clouds on high and view the sea below

I hold the hand of him, my friend and touch the mountain top,

Caress the lay of the land, the desert, a tree, a wheat field and flower;

and as I do I hear a distant yearning whispering on the wind, comforting

yet ushering me on lest I dwell on the struggling below, not from poverty, but greed;

Misconception and hate, a ruthless state and development plans

And so I fly with him my friend, never stopping, drifting on,

Amongst the clouds with rain, betwixt a tear shed here and there,

For this my friend is fate.



Blogger joladies said...

Please note 21 September is Peace Day .....

Friday, September 11, 2009  

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