Monday, August 03, 2009

Well well I do declare!

“There is no such thing as inevitable war. If war comes it will be from failure of human wisdom”.
— Bonar Law (British Prime Minister 1923-24)

Came across some interesting Declarations and Promises in relation to Jordan even though the British went back on their main promises to the Hashemites at the time of imperial hegemony, the following seem to have held. So to counter Zionist propaganda, that has gone on for the last ninety years in their fantastical claims that “Jordan is Palestine” nonsense, and their use of selective historical documents, I post the following. For while the Zionists have their Balfours, and Sykes/Picot, the Jordanians, it would seem have Bonar Law, Churchill and the League of Nations who were also operating at about the same time.

(1) British PM (1922-23) Andrew Bonar Law statement of 28 July 1920 to the House of Commons.

“The authority of the Palestine Government did not extend East of the Jordan”

(2) Winston Churchill Declaration and Promise to Amir Abdullah ibn al Hussein on behalf of the British Government 28 March 1921:

“Trans-Jordan would not be included in the present administrative system of Palestine and the Zionist clauses of the Mandate would not apply to Trans-Jordan”.

(3) 16 September 1922: The Council of the League of Nations confirmed the international personality and separate entity of Trans-Jordan, when it passed a resolution declaring that all the zionist clauses in the Mandate for Palestine did not apply to Trans-Jordan and that the British Government accepted full responsibility as Mandatory for a separate Trans-Jordan.

(4) 27 April 1923: British Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs declared:

“Subject to the approval of the League of Nations, His Britannic Majesty’s Government will recognize the existence of an independent Government in Trans-Jordan under the rule of his Highness Amir Abdullah Ibn al Hussein, provided such Government is constitutional and places HBK government in a position to fulfil their international obligations in respect of the territory by means of an agreement to be concluded between the two Governments”.

By 1929 the three conditions in that declaration were fulfilled with the ratification by Britain and Trans-Jordan of the 1928 Agreement (The Declaration of Trans-Jordan’s Independence) and with the approval of the League of Nations.

This is just a tiny observation of a very complex period in Jordan’s modern history. Indeed over the course of millennia this piece of land east of the River Jordan was always separate from Palestine. “The River Jordan – or Jordan line – which extended from the Yarmouk to the Dead Sea and south along the Ghour to Aqaba, gradually came to be known as a political or administrative boundary during the periods of the Moabites, Edomites, Ammonites, as well as the Assyrians, the Babylonians, the Persians, the Nabataeans, the Greeks, the Romans, the Byzantines and the Muslim Arabs. In AD 640 the Arabs named Palestine ‘Jund Filistin’, and Trans-Jordan ‘Jund al Urdon’. In fact Jund al Urdon included some parts of Palestine. And as Dr Ma’an Abu Nowar concludes “Thus all through history, although Palestine and Jordan were under the same successive foreign occupiers, they were always separate, and Jordan was never part of Palestine.”

All the above taken from a 1993 publication by Dr Ma’an Abu Nowar (copyrighted), entitled “From Our Hashemite Arab History – The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan 1920-1929 Years”



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