Saturday, July 18, 2009

Can someone explain this?

'They came from all over the world -- Kuwait, Pakistan, Dubai and even Erie.

There were 50 of them there. They shopped, ate and gathered in the streets of Amman, Jordan, and everywhere they went, men stared at them.

"It was like they've never seen a girl before," said Erin Dakas, 18, of Erie. "I feel like there isn't much respect for women. That's something that needs to change........."'

This was a report I just read from the Erie Times News (USA).

In 1965, when I lived on the RJAF base at Mafraq, we would go into the village (that is what it was then) and the car used to be surrounded with children staring at this strange foreigner, as we were a rare species then. Even in Amman my husband got into a punch up with a man who had looked at me and said 'hello'. I was completely oblivious to this until I was pushed into a shop and told to stay there while he dealt with the man!

But now with television, internet, cinema etc why does this habit of staring (plus, plus) persist? T

Any comments and/or explanations?


Anonymous Jane Masri said...

It defies explanation, T. It seems to be an exclusively Jordanian past-time! I've never encountered it in other Arab countries. It seems to be designed to make the female feel very uncomfortable and to assert their perceived male dominance.
They all need counselling!!!!!


Sunday, July 19, 2009  
Anonymous kinzi said...

In my moments of frustration of being stared at, and now dealing with the leering stares at my very young daughter (funny how lust is transparent), I begin to wonder if they feel a public female presence gives them license to stare.

She is present, therefore I will stare.

If he was just admiring my shoes, I would be fine. But, I believe it is other parts to which the eye is affixed.

Have you eve had a guy stick his camera phone in your car and take photos of you? That is scary.

JO magazine may have an article about sexual harassment of foreign females next month. It should be interesting.

Monday, July 20, 2009  

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