Monday, August 10, 2009

Challenging the Law

I had an interesting conversation with a police officer friend this morning. He made the point that people are really 'challenging the law', for instance at the celebrations of Tawjihi results and at weddings. The Government, police, schools etc make a huge effort to tell people not to indiscriminately fire their guns, drive around hanging out of car windows etc, not only is it illegal but it is dangerous.

Do people listen? Seemingly not. Why don't they listen? Why isn't the law respected and obeyed? Especially when it is in the interests of the whole community?

I am a friend of the Traffic Police and can write out tickets and, believe me, I could fill many books a day. No seat belts, using mobiles, jumping red lights, children on front seats, driving down one way streets the wrong way, double parking and so on and so on. T


Blogger joladies said...

Dear T,
I agree with you completely. Laws in Jordan exist and I hope that most people know what they are, but to expect that they will be obeyed simply by depending on a person's good nature, good intentions, or their understanding of the greater good is not enough. The law needs to be enforced on the spot by the police with a fine of JD 10 or more. Make an offender pay and he will remember that breaking the law can be expensive. He will get the point quickly. ASH

Tuesday, August 11, 2009  
Anonymous Jane M said...

Like so many other things in this country law enforcement has to start with the enforcers, i.e, the police! How many times have we seen policemen breaking the law? Driving without a seat belt on & off duty. Speaking on cell phones & smoking whilst driving. All these are against the law & when the general public see these law enforcers flaunting the law themselves what hope is there?


Wednesday, August 26, 2009  

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