Monday, August 07, 2006

Beirut Burning

So much to think about these days. In a moment of despair I penned the following... extreme times requires extreme writing. It is basically a plea to humanity to realise the path to peace is a choice we are all capable of making. Why is it so much easier to wage war?

Would appreciate any comments you care to make on the following:

An Ill Wind

I hadn't realized how prophetic my statement 'an ill wind is blowing up the King's Highway' would prove to be when I posted it back in April 2006. Today that ill wind has caste a shadow so bleak, so evil, I can see the horsemen of the apocalypse riding on high.

Is this what you want, oh Israel? Your leaders know no bounds other than hatred, violence, death and wanton destruction of anything that walks and breathes in this Middle Eastern land that is non- Jewish. Prove me wrong.

Can you not see this land of the Middle East - birthplace of civilization, of monotheism – as a place without road blocks, without occupation, without an army oppressing men, women and children; a place where once more Muslim, Christian and Jew can live side by side in peace? So where is the voice of Jewish compassion, where is the hand of tolerance, where is the desire for peace that will make a difference? You can no longer hide behind your immoral army.

All we see is death, all encompassing, all evil, all racist – and all in the name of freedom and democracy, sponsored by a government that thinks it is the leader of the free world. Go tell that to the people of Qana, go tell that to those who do not aspire to your vision of hegemony.

It makes no sense … why are there so many weapons of mass destruction in this world gone mad? You cannot have democracy delivered down the barrel of a gun - many ordinary people of the Middle East can see that, so why can't you people of Israel, or are you the true horsemen of the Apocalypse preparing us all for Armageddon? I don't believe you are, but you are being led astray by manipulative, self-serving politicians from Tel Aviv to Washington.

I just have one question, and that is:

… 'why?' ... J


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