Sunday, August 27, 2006

On location 2

On our way home from the film shoot near Zarka, we came across a rather quaint and interesting archaeological site - a Roman tomb built circa 200 AD, although locally known as the 'castle of the lamp'. I hardly recognised the place I had visited nearly twenty years ago. Now located in a built up area with a rather unsightly coffee shop and children's playground right on the boundary of the site, it does however offer a pleasant distraction from the every day mess
of urban living and traffic chaos.

A view inside the tomb with delightful architectural features.

Walk your way inside the compound to the offices at the back of the site, and you will discover a studio where replicas of statues from all over Jordan can be found. It is an educational studio run by the Department of Antiquities, great for a morning out with the kids (who can always go and play on the swings when they get bored). The sculptor, who doubles up as the curator of the studio is very obliging and bilingual, and will fill you in on the many historical details of Tyche et al. He would probably also welcome the company.

Not sure exactly where the site is, but it is located about 5 km from the Sports City Roundabout on the main road to Marka/Zerka, just after a major traffic light junction on the right hand side. Look out for the ugly coffee shop and children's playground with lots of coloured plastic! J Posted by Picasa


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