Monday, August 14, 2006

We got our ceasefire and the Israelis got their 30 day war!

As I was stirring in bed around 6.45 am this morning, the Israeli military continued to bomb Lebanon from the air, sea and land while Hizballah continued to launch rockets and defend their positions, the same scenario for the last month. And then when I got out of bed at 7.45 give or take a few minutes, my husband calls out from the tv room, "the ceasefire started six minutes ago, but they were fighting right up to the last six minutes".

Six minutes of precious fighting for six minutes of precious peace; and as I watched the television screen the image of Lebanese civilians driving in their cars along desolate roads with white flags blowing in the wind gave me a sudden surge of relief. And I thought of the sickly thin white horses I had seen, still with their bridles on, rummaging in rubbish bins in the ruins of a residential area somewhere in Lebanon and wondered what of them… I hope this ceasefire holds, but according to Robert Fisk, the real war is about to begin. For once Robert, I hope you are wrong. J


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