Tuesday, January 23, 2007

mobile phone use whilst driving

The problems of the Middle East are so overwhelming at the moment that it is difficult to know where to turn. So I thought to get down to basics again and write about the use of mobile phones whilst driving!! Doesn't help with peace in our region but might help to save a few lives in our country which has a horrendous record of road accidents. The following is what is happening in UK and I think we should follow in their footsteps. It is very scary to see people driving with one hand and listening to a conversation on their phone when it is obvious that they cannot concentrate on their driving. Even using hands-free conversations is dangerous. So please pull over to the side of the road or wait until you have finished your journey. T

Motorists using hands-free phones could receive three points on their licences and a £60 fine from next month if they are considered by police not to be in control of their vehicle.
The tougher penalties, coming in on Feb 27 under the 2006 Road Safety Act, will also apply to drivers using hand-held mobiles at any time.
The crackdown on drivers using hands-free phones and considered not to be in control of their vehicle – for example when involved in an accident – reflects the belief among safety experts that it is the act of having a conversation which distracts a motorist rather than holding a phone.
Using a mobile phone – whether hand-held or hands-free – while at the wheel makes you four times more likely to crash.


Blogger MommaBean said...

I have to agree that cell phones seem to make already bad driving even worse. However, I also have to admit that I'm guilty of using my cell phone while driving frequently. The curse of instant avaialbility I suppose. But, thanks for the reminder.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007  

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