Monday, April 16, 2007

Moab Musings … or What the Bleep …?

Reading the news and sensing that common, nasty, gut feeling swell up in the pit of the stomach at the state of the world and his aunt; at the state of the world's climate (snow in the Jordanian desert on Friday 13 April and flash floods and mud slides in Ma'in Hot Springs that sadly killed two Russian tourists); and the harrowing mystery of bee colony collapse on a massive scale – I was in need of a change.

So I turned to something completely different: the documentary film, "What the Bleep Do We Know?" – a film where science and spirituality come together in a 'mind-bending trip down the rabbit hole' -

'Time to get wise', were the words on the front of the DVD cover, which was in essence the message from the Conference of the Academy of Latinity currently under way in Amman. But when the delegates were reminded of the principles of the UN Charter and of UNESCO … all I could think of was 'how sad', 'you're preaching to the wrong audience '. I would have staged this conference in Washington, or 10 Downing Street; but at least the point was made.

'Time to get wise'; unless of course the plan is to follow the bees into oblivion, along with the Black Iris? J

Jordan Times Sunday, April 15, 2007:
Prince Hassan calls for culture of compliance

AMMAN (JT) — HRH Prince Hassan on Saturday said that a culture of compliance with international humanitarian law was essential to healing rifts and bringing justice to the Middle East and elsewhere.
Addressing the theme of “The ‘Universal’ in Human Rights” at the opening of the 15th Conference of the Academy of Latinity, the Prince said Arabs are labelled as humiliated and angry by many in the West, but few ask why this might be so or acknowledge that any community or race would react in a similar fashion when confronted with the unfair policies of leading powers.
Echoing Prince Hassan’s sentiments, Federico Mayor, president of the academy and former head of UNESCO, reminded delegates of the principles of the UN Charter and of UNESCO.
He called for an honest recognition of the diversity of people and an enforcement of the post-World War II call for promoting peace in the minds of man.
Dignitaries and scholars from across the Mediterranean and Latin worlds attending the four-day conference will examine the universal nature of human rights, explore the topic in a variety of ways and ask if a universal understanding of human rights is a precondition for a dialogue of cultures.
Enrique Iglesias from Uruguay painted a bleak picture of the state of the world in the early part of the 21st century.
The secretary general of the Ibero-American secretariat lamented that hope had turned to frustration, optimism to despair and tolerance to violence, calling for increased efforts to involve religious leaders in a search for a workable structure for universal rights and values.
The Royal Institute for Inter-Faith Studies is co-hosting the conference.
Jordan Times Sunday, April 15, 2007


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