Saturday, May 12, 2007

Amazing Video

In September 2002, Journalist Cole Miller and Alan Pogue, a professional photographer founded the organization No More Victims. Their goal was to restore health and well-being to victims of war and to advocate and educate for peace.

Since then they managed to get medical sponsorships for 5 severely war-injured Iraqi children and are now in the process of getting their 6th, 10 year old Salee, a child who lost both of her legs from a missile strike, to America for treatment. See her picture and read the details about her and the other children at

On the occasion of Mother’s Day (May 13 in the United States), there is an amazing video made by prominent women advocating peace and supporting No More Victims. Do take a moment to watch it and if you have some spare change, consider making a donation to this very credible organization.


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