Friday, August 17, 2007

Moab Musings

"At this critical point in time, the international community has a moral obligation to continue its support for [Palestinian Authority Chairman] Mahmoud Abbas, and those who wish to bring peace to the region", said Israeli Ambassador to UK Zvi Heifetz recently, while condemning comments by a British parliamentary committee, which said that the boycott of the Palestinian Hamas was counterproductive.

Heifetz has a funny notion of how to bring peace to Arab and Jew, but he is not alone.

Take for instance the Christians United for Israel zealots and their nasty little convention antics captured so cleverly on video by Max Blumenthal. This is a CUFI yearly meeting in America under the maniacal leadership of 'Pastor' John Hagee - that got rich quick tv con artist cum evangelist, now multi-millionaire. Their mantra is Armageddon … the end-times scenario …that great historical political con job, or in other words, worldwide nuclear war that will save the Jewish people and open the doors to the second coming.
The 'thing' that Tom Delay "lives for" …..

So for the sake of the Jewish people – a few million of them - the whole world has to suffer. Because, as one of the participants said, "our common enemy is the Muslim, if we don't take out Iran, the Muslims will take over and come here". And then his wife butts in with this little gem "the one who forces Israel into a peace treaty with the Arabs is … "the beast" … ie the bad guy …the force of evil personified who will be consumed by fire and brimstone in hell for ever and ever Amen.

And then I got to thinking, wow, Tony Blair, look what you've got ahead of you … now that would be a legacy if you achieved victory – Blair the Beast!

But the sad reality is that these demonic fools are the ones who influence foreign policy in America, along with their political lackeys Tom Delay, Joe Lieberman Rick Santorum and AIPAC et al.

Israel, are you listening … because when Armageddon does start … you had better be prepared to enter the pearly gates of heaven, because that is where these nutcases want you to go. Don't worry we shall be there to keep you company along with the rest of us 'who wish to bring peace to the region'!

Oh by the way CZs at the CUFI you obviously don't read
… all peacemakers go to heaven …doh! J

Rapture Ready: The Christians United for Israel Tour by Max Blumenthal
Llink that challenges Christian Zionism with some interesting commentary on the Jordan scene


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