Monday, September 03, 2007

Prince Hamzeh Hospital

I was shocked and upset to read about conditions at the Prince Hamzeh Hospital and how a family suffered such a terrible ordeal

There is such a rush to build new public facilities and it seems that there is no forethought about how to run these places. What about the personnel who run these places? Does that come into the planning? And what about maintenance and keeping these buildings in good order? I have already written about the Sharia Court in Jebel Hussein which is filthy and so depressing and that is just a small example. Are government employees incompetent with their planning or are they pushed into planning projects which they know are not feasible or there are not enough funds to keep them going? It is all very well to say build a hospital in this or that district but some responsibility should be taken with the decision makers when they do not think about the feasibility of the project. T


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