Thursday, August 30, 2007

Moab Musings 20 August 2007

Before the day had even begun, my mind began to wander to a blog I wrote a year ago … someone please stop the world I want to get off … and I realized I still do … the world is even worse today, with 'war' on everyone's lips from Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon and eventually Iran …. The great mythical rapture is 'a-comin', I mused with husband across the kitchen fixing a venetian blind whilst reading the paper.

"Hmmm", he says, "Angelina Joli is visiting a refugee camp on the Syrian/Iraqi border". That's good of her said me, thinking of those poor families, probably of Palestinian origin who are doomed to be branded 'refugee' for all eternity. But what can she do ... can she change the demented policies of Bush and his neocon Zionists that put them there in the first place …

And then Husband tells me the King's college has been officially opened …and all I could think about was that the kids who go there have to wear blazers all year … in this blazing heat!

"What's wrong with you, is there anything you havn't grumbled about this morning" he says with that gorgeous cheeky grin as his hand comes thumping down on the kitchen table to jolt me back to our own little reality; sending the bowl of sunflower seeds flying in all directions. "That's their business, leave them alone", he pleads. And while he sipped his Chinese tea, he paused and said, "and what about all those poor Chinese women who picked these tea leaves for a pittance while some fat cat gets rich on the pickings"?

Quite – and I continued to sip my Indian black tea … as the words of Antoine de St. Exupery came into mind "I know but one freedom and that is the freedom of the mind" ….

Note to self: of relevance only when that freedom is used for good … well, at least the venetian blind got fixed and then my mind began working overtime, so I decided to stay in this world another day …

"Husband dear, the washing machine's not working well, the bannister's coming off the wall and I think this kitchen needs a new coat of paint. I'm off for coffee, see you later!".

"Ok love, have fun …."



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