Sunday, August 26, 2007

paying Orbit subscription

I went to pay my subscription for Orbit TV yesterday and found that if I want the same package as last year it would cost me nearly JD 100 more!! So now am paying the same as last year but for less channels. They advertise that their super mega package is JD 26 per month but in reality it is JD 30 per month once tax is added. Surely there must be a law to say that advertised prices should include the appropriate tax? And there is no discount if you pay a year's sub or monthly. I wanted to go to Showtime but think that is even more expensive and inconvenient to change over. So what can one do? Pay the bill and get on with it I suppose! T


Anonymous Hani Obaid said...

I prefer to pick what I watch and see it commercial free by buying DVDs anyway.

Yes I'd love a law where no one can advertise the prices without taxes, or even price tag the items on the store without taxes.

right now almost everybody doesn't include them. There's usually a warning int he fineprint.

Taxes not included, while quantities last, item may not be exactly as shown, we will rob the shirt of your back because we know you haven't read this far....

Sunday, August 26, 2007  
Anonymous salam said...

I agree that it is expensive, and misleading, but it is cheaper than showtime and better than free to air channels..Same time last year I was about to give up onm Orbit, but they did improve their services and introduce newer channels which are actually pretty good..the discovery channels are amazing, and also the kids one are great I guess one has to give in.

Sunday, August 26, 2007  

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