Sunday, September 16, 2007

Where are the other towers of human endeavour?

Someone in Dubai is building the world's tallest tower deemed " truly an inspirational human achievement that celebrates the can-do mind-set of Dubai".

And we are supposed to be inspired by this human endeavour. Well, it has done the exact opposite:

A horizon of peace and tranquility - Mount Nebo, Jordan

A piece of prose by J

I look at the horizon and what do I see
… nothing but suffering surrounding me.

Of wars and civil strife, and refugees et al
That tell tales of indifference;
That's truly inspirational.

But where does it go this human endeavour?
Not searching for peace that ever elusive goal,
But for illusion and gold whatever its colour.

And while the likes of the child stand silhouetted in pain
amongst the rubble of life's inane 'can-do' brain
I stop seeing the horizon of men's endeavours;
Meaningless bits of cement and stone towers.

For hope is dying beneath the shadow cast long and wide,
saturated with suffering and devouring the soul.

And as I strain to look beyond
To a different time;
Were that peace and compassion
and some cultural altruism
the only criteria
on the horizon
of man's existence


Blogger joladies said...

Dear J,

In your prose I read your suffering and caring. I feel with you; the world is not always a nice place. Not long ago I read a paraphrase of Thuccydides, an Athenian historian, who said in 432 BC: "The powerful are entitled to do as they wish, while the weak suffer as they must." This offers no solution but it does offer a perspective. Hope it helps. ASH

Sunday, September 16, 2007  
Blogger joladies said...

Thanks ASH - it helps to be reminded! Husband agrees with Thuccydides too ... something he laughs about every morning ... and takes life with a fistful of salt and some pepper just for the spice! These bloggings are my way of cleansing the soul that a new dawn greets me every day ...smiling! J

Monday, September 17, 2007  

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