Monday, October 22, 2007

Hello from Mallorca

Glad to see that all is well on the Jordanian home front ..... thought I would just send a little greeting over the horizon from Mallorca where we are spending a week of total chill out in the mountains around Valdemossa and Deia .... a walkers paradise if you like steep hills, ancient steps, meandering tiny streets and breathtaking views of the Med and its pine forests .... if you can't walk more than a few metres in a straight flat line, then don't come to Mallorca! Another point to consider is if you can't drive a small car around hair bin bends on roads with a sheer thousand foot drop into the deep blue sea below ... then also, don't come to Mallorca!

But apart from that, it's sheer heaven on earth ... and as we read the international press over breakfast and congratulate the world and his uncle for the wonderful mess humanity has created of this world, we give thanks for our rested sanity.

Am off now down the dirt path through the pine forest to the sea below .... for some peace and quiet and if I am brave enough, a dip into the deep blue, but cold sea!

Until we meet again on home soil .... J


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