Saturday, November 03, 2007

Joining the dots of history

Here's an interesting bit of 'balfouric' history for you: When Chaim Weizmann, became president of the English Zionist Federation in February 1917 and later served as Israel’s first president, he played a vital role in the Balfour discussions that culminated in giving one country - Palestine, to another – Israel.

Now here's the clinch: 'Weizmann was greatly assisted in his efforts by CP Scott, the non-Jewish, Zionism-supporting editor of the Manchester Guardian (now The Guardian), who set up high-level government meetings for Weizmann.'

Zoom forward to Monday 29 September 2003 when The Guardian printed an interesting article by Ahmad Samih Khalidi, a Palestinian writer and former negotiator, and a senior associate member of St Antony's College, Oxford:

Where are the peace loving editors now just when you need them? But maybe that's the point, Khalidi wrote an article not a letter!

Don't you just love history!! J


Blogger joladies said...

Anyone who thinks a one state solution is the right one should read Ghada Karmi's 'Married to Another Man'. She puts forward a strong argument for one state but I think it is all pie in the sky. T

Saturday, November 03, 2007  

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