Saturday, May 24, 2008

Heading forward with complacency

It's good to know that we now have a law to counter the plague of society - any society - that has to cope with 'family' violence, or domestic abuse, or child abuse.  It's also good to note that we are making headway over the land in the awareness field.

So why am I still disturbed?  Maybe it's because I fear tackling this issue 'headon' is going to take a long time to leap from 'awareness' to 'action'.

Such is the case with a boys school in Jebel An Natheef.  For too long those in a position to change the daily use of corporal punishment at this school, have been sitting on the fence of their awareness and continue to ignore the pleas of parents and other concerned citizens.  

What is it that stops the School's Principal from taking action, or the Ministry of Education from intervening, or the teachers themselves to see the error of their ways, now that we have a law that can stop the abuse of children wherever it is found?

Surely the schools within the city are the first stop in this commendable drive, with more intergovernmental collaboration?  As this is not the only government run school that educates through the use of physical abuse.  Aid projects for building buildings for schools is one thing ... but without the men and women with vision to teach in these buildings, what's the point? 

So what is it that always stops good practice in its tracks?  

Maybe it's a simple matter; that of our collective complacency and perhaps a little bit of personal aggrandizement. J


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