Sunday, May 11, 2008

(Dis)honour killings - are we turning a corner?

In today's Jordan Times a 'man has been charged with premeditated murder of his younger sister' and also 'the victim's father, mother and sibling of complicity in premeditated murder in connection with the drowning of the 22 year old at dawn on Saturday'.

I just hope that this charge sticks all through the judicial process (wish I could get to the judges on the case!!!) so that it will send a strong message that these disgraceful crimes will be punished, not with ridiculously short sentences but with long ones which will show those who are thinking of murdering their female relative that the full force of the law will be taken up and they will spend very long spells in prison. A huge cheer to the Prosecutor who has been brave enough to bring these charges.

If it were not for Rana Husseini and her brave reporting we would never know about these crimes. All credit to her and hopefully all her work will be rewarded in changes in the law, especially Article 340. T


Blogger joladies said...

I add my thanks to Rana Husseini as well for her steadfast efforts in reporting these horrible honor crimes. Wish that this particular case were the norm - maybe we are seeing a turn for the better. We can always hope. ASH

Monday, May 12, 2008  

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