Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Merry-go-round of Stone

I had to go to the Ministry of Interior yesterday to get an official letter officially guaranteeing a form officially stamped by and signed by a head of department at the Ministry of Labour … our official representatives. But that's not the point.

The Ministry of the Interior is located next to the Sports City Park. That's fine. But what struck me was the amount of construction going on in the former car park of the Royal Cultural Centre and the onslaught to the Sports City Park that once housed thousands of trees … the only domain of nature left to us the citizen in a city gone building bonkers. The park is looking more and more like a concrete jungle. And for what … just more fancy buildings with fancy names, such as The House for Youth that looked more like a prison.

And all I could think was …' and how much did that building cost to build?' … as another goes up in expensive stone right next to it to provide chairs for civil servants to sit on.

So what if land is expensive … I thought the people of Jordan were its 'greatest asset', once upon a time? Why do we only measure development in terms of construction?

Surely if we want to work for Youth … they don't need 'buildings' as such, just more consideration for their mothers and a national review of educational policies. They also need more open space, places to walk and play, more football fields, basketball, volley ball, and handball courts, even small community centres, all supported by political will; but most importantly, youth need policies with vision; not more concrete walls that seem to stop vision in its tracks.

We seem to be able to find money to build and build and build in stone instead of investing in the people and where it would count most: providing government run clinics particularly in East Amman with proper facilities and the medicine to support its work and overworked/underpaid staff. That's just for starters.

Well at least the Prime Minister is finally addressing this issue albeit for one institution, namely the Prince Hamzeh Hospital Something the Ministry of Public Sector Reform should have done long ago. Maybe we should reform the government first …?


Blogger Ali said...

Oh I support reforming the Government, the primie minister, the members of the Parliament, members of the Senate and any other offcial that we people are paying their salaries!

Monday, April 14, 2008  

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