Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Springtime musings

'Oh gawd' …. I sighed, as I read the daily news and my heart sank.
"What" cries hubby from the bedroom, "the world's in a mess again?"
And all I could do was laugh … for he seems to know my thoughts the minute they pop into my head. He glanced over my shoulder at the computer to a picture of a young boy stripped to the waist and held at gun point by several democratically trained Israeli soldiers …. "Israelis, doing what they know best? killing kids again?" ….."what's new, they've been doing it for thousands of years" he says …

For thousands of years and counting, mankind has been defining and refining ever more brutal means to kill … and I can hear Cheney saying "so?" in the background. So ….. "thou shalt not kill" whispers a voice from the past from the holy land …. as another body hits the dust somewhere on our beloved shores and another young able bodied man suits up and ships out with blood and vengeance on his mind.

And so our little story continues with no peace for the prophets after all these years, just nuts like Wilders & Co adding fuel to the fire of our collective insanity. And while our league of gentlemen perpetuate the mess for our kids; it's hardly surprising that our lord has forsaken us.

"Have you looked out the window at the garden lately?" asks hubby as he dashes out of the house …. "it's spring time you know …."

… for I had almost forgotten. J


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