Monday, June 30, 2008

Chocolates make the world go round ... a little sweeter

We had breakfast late this morning ….. 9.30am ….. but it was a treat, as son and daughter joined us for the usual banter and hilarity that sends the Palestine sunbirds and bulbuls flying off into the distance; pity the hooded crow doesn’t get the message!

And today third son, the one at uni in Beirut comes home for the summer, just as the drums of violence and internecine strife in Lebanon strike at the heart of us all. I can only pray that the Lebanese President has the power to contain it, as hope went out the window long ago.

But that doesn’t seem to bother the family as they await son’s arrival with agitated excitement, chat about the arrival of other family members, the crazy city streets, the hot weather and the car that needs a serious overhaul …. simply life …. communication, love and anticipation … the same in many households the world over … although in our region, more often than not it is tinged with sadness, anger and intolerance as we watch and mourn in muted horror the devastation from war, occupation and oppression that wreaks vengeance on our lives from Palestine, Iraq and Afghanistan - when will it ever end?

And thend the discussion turned to music and the 'weird' mix of singers of the new ‘Jordan Festival’, performing this year (among them their favourite Mika - unfairly targeted by the 'boycott the festival' camp). So in support of those who believe our old Jerash Festival was wrongly and crassly assigned to the rubbish bin of history, I shall continue to call this effort to create a nice little cultural treat for Jordanian citizens who can't afford to go, the Jerash Festival, because I would like the old one back please, you know the one that the government apparently could not afford and the one badly organised etc etc. Funny that ... how come they can now afford the likes of Placido Domingo?

And meanwhile back at the breakfast table, daughter delights in a surprise she found on her office chair when she arrived at work yesterday: a box of Hamley’s chocolates, a compliment from the famous children’s toy store of Regent Street fame …. that opened recently in Amman on none other than Mecca Street. And as we pondered this crazy world of toys, chocolates and war games, hubby caps off the morning with “that’s all we need, more ‘hamels’ in town” ….

On on then! ….. J

Note: For those of you unfamiliar with the richness of the Arabic language …. the Arabic word ‘hamel’ means lazy (or good for nothing)


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