Friday, August 22, 2008

Free speech? Really Mr Westergaard!

So Mr Westergaard thinks he will not have a fair trial in Jordan …. I think Jordan has not been given a fair assessement by this obviously world renowned antagonist who believes that any expression of racism, hatred and intolerance is his democratic right, true to Danish traditions and law. Denmark are you listening? Do you really want to be represented by a bigot and a racist?

If the West can have a law that makes anti-semitic statements particularly against the holocaust, a crime against humanity and thus illegal, subject to imprisonment, then why should the same notion of what is right and wrong not apply to defamation of religious values for all faiths? Ooops forgot, this is a law enacted exclusively to protect semites of the Jewish faith only. So much for objectivity in the law.

Surely defaming other religions in the name of free speech is a red line too and has nothing to do with democracy, rather responsibility? After all, fifty people around the world lost their lives because of Mr Westergaard’s misconceived notions of free speech and he should be held accountable.

As Mr Westergaard is so concerned about his treatment in Jordan, while he is waiting for the reply of the Jordanian Embassy in Germany, allow me to offer some assistance while he is in our protective, hospitable custody:

1. Of course you can have pork in your meals Mr Westergaard, in fact to make sure it is pork, I shall arrange for a pig to sacrifice it’s life for you. But before this animal is offered up in peace, it shall share your single cell, so that you know it is actually pork, and when you get hungry I shall send in the butcher to slaughter it Islamic style. Then you can have the pleasure of turning it into ham yourself for your culinary delight, all within the comfort of your ‘cell’.

2. And of course you can have a tree in your cell Mr Westergaard, it would be nice for the pig! Although you say ‘christmas’, which specific type of pine tree would you like? Although Jordanians love Christmas celebrations too, as Christians rejoice in Islamic celebrations, we would like specifics as to the latin name of the tree you require. We can secure a Cedrus libani for you, would that suffice, is it big enough? Alternatively, as we are an environmentally conscious nation, we can send you a plastic variety instead, which colour, white or green? Hope you don’t mind.

3. Library? Of course Mr Westergaard. No problem, as this is the Arab world, we can have a huge library sent over, but our books will be in Arabic, so you had better hurry up and learn the language, as you are obviously going to be here a very long time … I mean, you must have so much evidence to reel off .... otherwise, you will be miserable trying to decipher our beautiful calligraphic script, a true work of art. But art is something you know all about, isn’t it Mr Westergaard, so this should be an easy assignment for you!

PS: good job you are seeking legal advice Mr Westergaard, your understanding of all things judiciary and Jordan leaves a lot to be desired … !



Blogger joladies said...

Dear J, Your points are well taken, and I see your passion on this subject. However, I doubt if Mr Westergaard intended to create such a situation. Be that as it may, no one in his right mind can justify killing another because of a picture that he finds offensive. The 50 or more souls killed, were not slain by Mr. Westergaard, but by irrational, irresponsible fanatics. ASH

Sunday, August 24, 2008  

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