Monday, August 11, 2008

Travels around Jordan

I felt like a kid on a picnic as I unexpectedly accompanied hubby on a tour of Kerak and Tafila with a trip to Petra added for good measure.

Nothing quite like taking tea and breakfast on a hotel veranda that overlooks the magnificent mountain range of Petra, the Great Rift Valley that meanders on southward bound - beats my kitchen walls anyday! And all this while the rest of the world celebrated the opening of the Olympics, commemorated and remembered the people murdered by the dropping of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima, the largest city of Japanese Christians at the end of WW2; and watched dumbfounded as Georgia and Russia were slugging it out on the embattled lands of South Ossetia while the Americans and Israelis looked on!

Meanwhile, back in Jordan .... it was a pleasant break from daily life; a 'dose of life beyond Amman'. as I played with the kids from Kerak, admired the artwork of a sculptor from Wadi Musa and enjoyed the effervescence of the young people of Tafila for traditional music and song.

There are no other words for it, except "on on"! J

Breakfast morning view over the mountain range of Petra

The kids of Kerak

Kids will be kids in Kerak

Stop! No Entry! Barber gone byebye (Dodo in arabic)!

Wadi Musa sculpture

Wadi Musa sculpture - pity the water fountain doesn't work!

Bagpipe player of the Foklore troupe of Ma'an, playing at a function in Tafila with the renowned debkeh dancer and trainer, Abu Khalid.

Ma'an Folklore Troupe, performing in Tafila
photos by J


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