Monday, October 13, 2008

how you should not have to spend your time

Zain sent me an SMS to say the bank had rejected their monthly direct debit for my bill. So off I go to the bank to find out why they had refused the payment and after waiting for ages they told me they had nothing to do with refusing it but said maybe because my Visa card had been renewed recently. I thought what has that got to do with anything, it's the same number etc? So, next stop Zain, and they said that they had to photocopy my new card, my id and sign 3 pieces of paper!!!

I spent 2 hours going from here to there just to be able to pay a bill. Ridiculous!! And while I am having a moan, my bank sent me a note saying that they were increasing the limit of my credit card. And that meant another trip to the bank to sign 3 times that I did not want my limit increased!! Why can't they ask first? T


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