Sunday, January 11, 2009

Pssttt ... you over there .... it's the people, stupid!


Failing all

Israel looks set to launch a third stage of its aggression on the Gaza Strip, after the country ignored a UN resolution to cease fire immediately and as casualties continue to mount.

More than 800 Palestinians are now dead, apparently not enough casualties for American lawmakers who, in a shamefully one-sided resolution yesterday, backed Israel’s “right to self-defence”.

Who are these people? Did they miss the class which taught them that occupiers are aggressors? Did they fail basic maths so they cannot see the imbalance between 800 and 12?

Do they understand self-defence to mean the collective punishment of 1.5 million people for whose welfare Israel, by international law, is responsible?

Did they, furthermore, not learn from their own history, especially that of America’s unstinting support for apartheid South Africa, up until the last moment? Or are they really so deep in the pockets of the pro-Israeli lobby that they are incapable of even the most basic expression of humanity, support for the victims of unbridled and unchecked power?

And so Gazans will face another night of terror, bloodshed and despair as the international community, democracies and tyrannies alike, those who would be the guardians of freedom and justice, fail them and fail themselves.

How many dead will it take until the conscience of the world is finally pricked? How many children, women, men and ambulance drivers must be killed by the overwhelming and imbalanced firepower of an apparently insatiable Israeli army revelling in the support of an apparently insatiable Israeli public and backed by the ignorance and criminal apathy of the world?

The grapes of wrath have been stored for long now. One day, a vintage, entirely vengeful, will emerge.

The world has only itself to blame.

11 January 2009


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