Monday, February 02, 2009

Inner peace

I accompanied a friend to yoga class today. What a relief to find a sanctuary of peace and inner quiet to still the torment of Gaza on my mind. And I couldn’t fathom out why certain ‘sheikhs’ of the muslim faithful in Malaysia and Egypt, would want to discourage Muslims from practicing something that is so in tune with all that is good in this ‘god forsaken’ world, regardless of religious doctrine. So allow me to share this universal prayer with you that is spoken at the beginning of each session; maybe if we ALL say it loud enough, our non-denominational and universal prayers for peace in the Middle East and beyond, may yet be a reality in my lifetime.

May all of the wicked return to good
May all who are good obtain true peace
May all who are peaceful be free from bonds
May ll who are free set others free.

Blessings upon all the people on earth
May all the world’s rulers uphold what is right
May only good fortune befall everyone
May all the world’s creatures obtain happiness.

May all the rain fall when the earth is thirsty
May all the storehouses be filled with grain
May everyone here be free from harm
May all who are good be free from fear.

May everyone know a life of joy
May everyone know a life of health
May everyone soon be released from pain
May everyone see only good in this world.

May everyone overcome all their woes
May everyone realize all their desires
May everyone see only good in this world
May everyone everywhere be glad.

May our mother and father be blessed
Blessings upon every creature on earth
May our works flourish and aid everyone
And long may our eyes see the sun.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for posting this. I'm an American man living in Amman and must go to the same yoga class that you went to! Tamara, the teacher there, gave me a hard copy of this prayer and I wanted to post it on Facebook for Thanksgiving. Luckily, your post saved me the trouble of having to type it in by hand.


Wednesday, November 24, 2010  

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