Saturday, March 14, 2009

Blogapix - A Sea called Dead, Dangerous ... and Hopeful

Dangerous at the Dead Sea ...
Parting company ... as the sun sets
At the Dead waiting .... and empty

Swimming in the dead zone!

It is always so peaceful on the eastern shores of the Dead Sea .... particularly at sunset and sunrise. Yet as we sit in peaceful contemplation as the sun disappears beyond the hills of Jerusalem .... there is that constant tinge of anxiety that sits in the pit of the stomach as the last sliver of sun disappears, reminding us that all is not well in the holy land ....

Oh God if only that were so! Please make it so! So that a Palestinian mother can sit wherever she wants, smell the rose, the yasmin and orange blossom and watch with a happy heart the setting of the sun secure in the knowledge that a new day will bring joy - not fear - in the raising of her child and the celebration of her motherhood.

Is that so much to ask for?



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