Saturday, March 07, 2009

when is immoral ...immoral?

... when Israel is doing it!

I can't believe the gal of Israeli Efraim Inbar, (summed up really well in this article) an advisor to Likud leader Benjamin Netanyahu, who said in the February 1 Jerusalem Post, that “Hamastan must not be rebuilt by the world. The developing international campaign to reconstruct Gaza is strategic folly.... And, under current circumstances, it is also immoral”.


The amorality of Israel is quite shocking ... So let's start calling it what it is ... ooops not being very helpful here am I ... Israeli genocide ... simply because we then have the law ... even if it is after the fact, it is there for us to take action regardless of race, religion or creed. The fact that this law is held hostage to politics is what is also immoral ...

Just when is Israel going to be held accountable (ie pay up) for its own fascist follies?



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