Thursday, March 05, 2009


Would someone please explain the "accepted practice" concerning ambulances in Jordan?

In the UK an ambulance has complete priority on the road. Drivers must give-way, pulling onto the hard shoulder, or in some cases, onto the pavement, so that the ambulance can pass, unimpeded, on its journey to or from an emergency.

When I hear an ambulance siren or spot flashing lights in my rear view mirror here in Amman, I try to make way. But I'm the only one! No drivers pull over and the ambulance just has to jump between lanes. At traffic lights, oncoming cars don't bother to stop to give a clear passage, and if the ambulance goes through a red light then several cars following take the opportunity to jump the lights too.

Mind you, the ambulances themselves don't appear to be in the best condition. One can easily overtake them on a hill which doesn't say much for the power of the engine. I hope I never need the services of an ambulance anywhere, but especially in Jordan.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Accepted procedure here: pray for the poor soul in the ambulance. (I also pull over but to the annoyance of everyone around me.)
Um Dunya

Thursday, March 12, 2009  

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