Monday, February 16, 2009

working visit to UK

I am in the UK with a judge, prosecutor and a representative from the Ministry of Social Development. We are here for a week to look into the latest developments in child protection and domestic violence.

Our first day has been looking at two interviews by two female child victims who had been sexually abused by their step fathers. Apart from the fact that it is distressing to see what has happened to these children, it is very interesting to see how the police, social workers and crown prosecution work together to produce a result that gives a good case to the court and supports the family and victim. Excellent discussions and exchanges of views ensued.

What has been interesting to me is the discussions with my colleagues about the problems they face in Jordan. I do feel they mostly do an excellent job within the constraints they face. A UK judge once told me that he can only do what the law allows him to do and that applies to Jordan as well. Some of our laws are totally out of date and need revision. It was heart warming to see how engaged the three were and how much we learnt on just the first day. Hopefully, when we get back to Jordan we can start putting a 'Working Together' philosophy. T


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